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Whilst we are able to give hands on assistance with the setup of the Google analytics suite, our main aim is for you to feel confident and self sufficient using the tools, and your data, on a day to day basis. Once your team is comfortable utilising the tools available, your internal analytics system will not only be more robust, but you will see an increase in both productivity and accuracy. However, it can take some time and guidance to reach this point, so we offer bespoke training courses to help you find your feet.

Our training programs cover:

  • How to setup and customise Google Analytics according to best practice and business objectives
  • Helping you to understand what data is most relevant and how best to interpret it
  • The creation of dashboards and custom reports
  • Measuring the effectiveness of onsite content
  • Identifying and analysing user journeys through your site
  • How to independently troubleshoot and test tracking set up in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

These training sessions can be booked in conjunction with a Google Analytics set up service or independently, depending on your requirements. Whether you require a stand alone training day or  a longer term series of sessions, Per4mance Insight can create a program tailored to both your business’ needs and your team’s current knowledge.

For more information on how our training sessions could elevate your team’s performance, please get in touch.