Marketing and On-Site Behaviours

Per4mance Insight Analytics Audit

A great marketing campaign can transform your business, but it can also eat in to your budget. Before making crucial strategic decisions, it is important to fully understand the impact that spend is having.
Whether the aim of your site is to sell products or generate leads, it is essential to analyse the behaviours your campaigns are driving and how your marketing channels are interacting with each other through that process.

Once you are armed with this knowledge, you can ensure you’re approaching campaigns in the most economically sound way and that your marketing and on-site content strategies are being maximised for ultimate impact.

Areas this piece can cover:

  • Understand how your marketing channels interrelate with each other
  • Identify how different activities perform along the user journey – from those that drive indicators of interest to those that are great at sealing that conversion
  • Identify the channels which resonate with new customers and which speak to return customers
  • Understand how campaigns are engaged with across different devices
  • Pinpoint how marketing activities compare in terms of lifetime value and their lifetime return on investment

Investment: Starting from £4,500

Per4mance Insight can give expert opinion on all of these areas. If you think your company could benefit from a unbiased, expert analytics audit, please


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