In-Depth Research Pieces For Investors

Per4mance Insight Insight Pieces

No one can predict the future, but when looking to invest in a business it’s crucial to get a thorough and accurate understanding of how that business has performed historically. This will give a good indication of whether it is a viable investment and could protect you from making a costly bad decision.

Making data driven decisions when it comes to investing is the most secure way of assessing a potential addition to your portfolio and is becoming increasingly popular. Whilst it is still important to listen to your instincts and feel out the management team, when it comes to the figures, some third party help can be introduced. We can look at spend, sales and revenue, to get an idea of how successful they could be in the future, and build a holistic picture of how healthy the business currently is.

Our Investor Research pieces include:

  • Customer acquisition spend compared to lifetime revenue to determine return on investment by customer
  • Return on investment by product or service
  • Levels and frequency of customer churn
  • Proportion of customer database that is active, dormant that could be reactivated and lost
  • Revenue performance by different locations to identify potential opportunities
  • Frequency by which existing customers repeat purchase
  • Profile breakdown of active customers by behaviours and demographics

As well as offering expert insights in to the data, we suggest actionable next steps, whilst also assessing the expected impacts of any changes you may make. This approach empowers you to make strong and informed business decisions and prioritise effectively when planning your next steps.

Investment: Starting from £5,500

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