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Having a thorough understanding of your customer is key to unlocking the potential of your marketing campaigns, as is grasping how they behave throughout their lifetime as a consumer. All of this will help you target the right people with the most effective messaging and zone in on the specific demographics most likely to become converted customers. The more engaged you can keep your existing customers, the more you get back from your acquisition spend, so understanding what content is resonating with them is crucial.

Taking the raw data from your customer database and linking it to the data from your web analytics is the starting point to understanding the nuances of your customer. In doing this, we can identify buying trends throughout your customer’s lifecycle and extract their demographics information, marketing activity and devices used – whilst also comparing the buying journeys of first time purchases and subsequent transactions.

Areas this can cover:

  • Tying customers behaviours together with demographic information to create robust and accurate personas.
  • Once these personas are created, Identifying the characteristics of key visitors so you can tailor your marketing to attract them
  • Determine what a customer’s lifetime with your brand looks like, such as frequency of purchases, length of time they’re active, number of purchases and amount spent
  • The demographics of your customers at a brand level and by different types of products or services
  • Understand who your customers are by different behaviours (i.e. customers who convert on above average frequency, customers who spend more on average and customers who have come from a specific acquisition channel or campaign).
  • What content contributes to conversions in a single session and over multiple sessions
  • Identify the proportion of your customers who are dormant and could be reactivated to make more purchases without needing to incur acquisition costs.
  • What product and services lead to subsequent purchases and which don’t
  • Look into profitability of product types by comparing spend to costs and returns and how this changes throughout peak and quiet periods
  • Understand how customers interact with your brand online and offline and across multiple devices

These insights can then be fed back into your acquisition, retention and content strategies while helping to ensure you can deliver a good experience on whatever device a potential customer is using.

Investment: Starting from £6,500


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