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A conversion is what most marketing campaigns are aiming for, so understanding the journey your customer has gone on to reach that point will give you a wealth of useful information. Investigating the behaviour of those who are deciding not to purchase is just as important – what led them to that decision? Could that loss have been avoided?

Whether you use call centres and mailing lists to generate leads or have a more retail based conversion path – our holistic approach can help. By consolidating the data from your lead generation system and combining it with your web analytics and other internal systems, we can paint a complete picture of your lead’s sales journey so you can see what works and what doesn’t. Our conversion journey service is all about identifying the opportunities and the problem areas, and helping you act upon them to convert even more users.

Areas this piece can cover:

  • Pinpoint the main drop off / conversion points throughout the funnel and where possible the reasons why
  • Understand what the decision making process looks like
  • Determine the length of decision window and how many interactions it takes
  • Ascertain what content is contributing to each point of decision making
  • Identify what browsing vs.converting journeys look like
  • Understand user journeys through different routes to conversion on different devices
  • Determine what natural human behaviours you can tap into, such as researching visits, vs. barriers to entry – preventing people doing what they want to.
  • Ascertain the similarities and differences between the sales journeys for new and repeat customers

B2B Specific Businesses

  • Determine the best performing sales funnels, including from call centres, email lists, internal sales teams and your website.
  • Identify average length of the decision window between stages
  • Determine the types of businesses converting (employee size, turnover, industry etc.) so this can be fed back into the top of the funnel
  • Identify the lifetime value of customers acquired through the funnel and how this compares to other acquisition channels

Investment: Starting from £5,500

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