Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Set Up

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Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for collecting, processing and reporting on your website data which in turn can lead to actionable insights. Google Tag Manager allows you to add marketing and user behaviour tags to web pages in order to track customer interaction with your website. Used in tandem, these tools will ultimately help improve your service, increase conversion and allow you to both attract and understand your potential customers.  

To ensure a cohesive and effective set up process, we follow these steps, involving relevant stakeholders from the business at every stage.

  • We will carry out an initial measurement workshop with all relevant stakeholders to determine the various data needs across the business, before turning this into a measurement plan
  • From this, we will create a detailed implementation plan with all the relevant tracking code, ready for your developers to implement.
  • Consulting closely with your developers, we will ensure they have all the knowledge and information they require to effectively implement this next stage.
  • If required, we can also set up all relevant tags for Google Tag Manager
  • Before any changes go live, we test all implementation to safeguard against errors
  • On completion of the set up, Per4mance Insight can then set up any relevant dashboards or custom reports to help you maximise Google Analytics to its full potential

This process can be both time consuming and confusing to those unfamiliar with the tools, but our extensive knowledge of the suite means you can be up and running in no time, saving you both time and energy.

For more information on our Google Analytics set up service, please get in touch.