Analytics Audit

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When it comes to finances, companies regularly turn to external accountants to undertake an independent audit. But all too often, the same approach is not taken in regards to marketing analytics. To truly understand whether you are analysing your data transparently, optimally and in line with industry best practice, an unbiased view is important, if not crucial.

A full analytics audit should go beyond the data. We examine:

  • All sources of analytical data – not just your Web analytics
  • How and where the data is stored – not only looking at the security of your data but ensuring it is compliant with privacy policies
  • Whether all team members receiving analytics reports not only review them in a timely manner, but truly understand what they are looking at  
  • Your current KPIs  – how accurate and appropriate are they? Is there a better way to measure performance?

Per4mance Insight can give expert opinion on all of these areas, whilst creating an assessment report outlining how your current analytics set up stacks up against industry best practice and top level insights into what’s really happening behind your data.

If you think your company could benefit from a unbiased, expert analytics audit, please get in touch.