Reports with actionable insights

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Actionable Insights

insightGood insights cover more than just findings and the reasons behind them, we also give you suggested next steps and expected impacts so you can quickly decide what actions to take and why. Empowering you to prioritise work that gives you the best results.

You can get an accurate picture of how existing and potential customers are interacting with you, who they are and what marketing is driving those different behaviours.

Examples of areas for analysis

  • Regular reports tied to your objectives and business pipeline
  • How marketing channels perform and interrelate with each other
  • User behaviour
  • The contribution of your onsite content to conversions
  • Funnel behaviour analysis
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Profile of customer personas
  • Lifetime customer behaviour analysis

Newsflare Insights Project

  • Create bench-marking reports on existing user behaviour to provide a baseline from which to measure any changes.
  • Provide Google Analytics tracking code to ensure all relevant interactions were tracked on the old and new versions of site sections.
  • Deliver reports during A/B tests to show what impact the changes were having and help inform when they should be rolled out to 100%.
  • Compile post test reports to monitor site changes after the A/B tests have been completed.

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