How To Import Cost Data And Refunds

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As we discussed in October’s blog, it is important to bring together all elements of your sales funnel – including refunds – to get an accurate picture of the return you’re getting from your marketing campaigns. Bringing your marketing spend, sales information and refund data together doesn’t have to be laborious or tricky if you’re using Google Analytics.

Within the Property column in the Admin section, you’ll find the Data Import functionality. This handy tool makes the process of collating your various data sets together nice and straightforward. As long as there’s a common parameter, such as a campaign ID, transaction ID or a product SKU you can upload files to join additional information to what’s already in your analytics.

The interface for this tool is slick and easy to use, but if you need some help setting it up, here’s our comprehensive guide.

Uploading Data

  • Go to Admin > Property > Data Import.
  • Click on Create and select the type of Data you want to import

Name your new data set and select the View you want it to show in.

Then define the schema for your data set to determine what information it will contain

Once this is done go back to your Data Import menu, find the data set you want to upload data to and click on Manage Uploads

Click on Upload File, find the file you want to import and click on Upload. Once the upload has been completed it can take 24 hours for the data to show in your reports.

To see your Cost Analysis report, go to Acquisition > Cost Analysis

To see refund information, you need to have Enhanced Ecommerce enabled and implemented, go to Conversions > Ecommerce > Sales Performance for transaction refunds or Product Performance for product refunds


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