Per4mance Insight testimonials

We’ve developed a great partnership with Per4mance Insight while working together on a number of A/B tests and site changes. Emma’s become integral to the process, helping with tracking, monitoring tests while they’re ongoing and producing post deployment impact reports. She’s now very much one of the team.

Alex Liaume – Senior Product Manager at Newsflare

Emma initially performed a Google Analytics audit for us, and has since become a trusted partner for all our analytics requirements. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has guided us through a site redevelopment as well as integration of external platforms to more accurately track our marketing campaigns. I have really enjoyed working with Emma as she has been so flexible and adaptable to our ever-changing business needs.

Claire Rampen – Head of Growth at Beryl

We’ve worked with Emma on optimising our GA tracking to ensure the data that we are collecting is 100% accurate. Our objective is to make the right decisions (digital but also business wide) based on the correct data that gives us a 360 degree view on our customers, and for that:

– We’ve optimised our GA setup across different proprieties (devices or sections on the site) and channels.
– We’ve improved our ecommerce tracking by adding more specific tracking to give us better insights on our English and multilingual sites.
– We’ve implemented different custom and event tracking across the site to better understand users’ behaviour and/or the impact of specific campaigns.

Alicja Sliwinska – Ecommerce Manager at Golden Tours

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