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Per4mance Insight – ‘To empower people and business to help them grow and further their social mission’

Hi, I’m Emma Haslam and I’m the founder of Per4mance Insight. We are a data analysis consultancy based in London, who have been helping businesses understand customer behaviour, whilst simultaneously maximising their revenue through data since 2012.

Personally, I have been working in digital since 2000 and over the last two decades have worked with big named brands across a range of sectors from Sweaty Betty to The AA, Ocado and Barclaycard. This varied experience has allowed me to become an expert in Google Analytics, Adobe Suite, Salesforce, HotJar, Google Tag Manager and Tableau as well as various other in-house tools used by my clients. I am GA IQ Qualified and have completed the Microsoft SQL course.

However, Per4mance Insight isn’t the result of a big plan to have a career in data analysis, it’s been a very organic progression. Early in my career, I cut my teeth as an account manager at a small performance marketing agency and naturally data started becoming more and more important to my role. I enjoyed that aspect of my work and over the years I taught myself how to use different tools, query large sets of data and turn that analysis into a relevant story for businesses.

In 2010 I set up a digital marketing consultancy with a friend. This came to a natural end as she explored new and exciting opportunities in Australia, and it was the perfect time for me to think about what I wanted to do next. Part of me considered revamping the digital marketing consultancy but my brain, gut and heart kept bringing me back to my love of data analysis. I took the plunge and decided to focus on my passion and expertise – Per4mance Insight was born.

Fast forward a few years and corporate social responsibility has become a driving ethos behind why Per4mance Insight exists and our plans for the future. In January 2017 I became a Kennel Support Volunteer at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and the impact it has had on my personal and professional life has been transformative and it’s hugely fulfilling being able to help animals enjoy life to its fullest again. My work at Battersea has given me a growing appreciation for the work charities do and insight in to how society can progress even further when we all work together. This ethos of collaboration is a cornerstone of my business and social responsibility is an important part of my mission as a founder.

The core values behind everything we do at Per4mance Insight are empowerment, integrity, generosity, growth and balance. For me balance is the value from which everything else springs. whether it’s between work and play or the giving and taking of time and knowledge. I believe balance makes us more rounded, fulfilled and effective people. Through this culture at Per4mance Insight, we can better help individuals and businesses to become more self-sufficient – reaching their potential and empowering their decision making by growing their knowledge through insights.

As these values are so important to us, we are pleased to announce CAMFED (Campaign for Female Education) as our chosen charity. By helping vulnerable girls into education, they are empowering young women to step up as leaders of change and themselves then help others. They have already helped more than 2.6 million students to attend primary and secondary school and are aiming for another 1 million girls through secondary school by 2020. We very much want to play our part in making that happen.

We also want to work with businesses who passionately believe in their own social mission, through a better understanding of your data we can help you make it a success. Drop us a line or give us a call if you’d like to chat about how you can achieve your vision and social mission through data.

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