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We offer a range of analytics services

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Per4mance Insight offers a range of analytics services, whether you’re struggling with understanding your business’s data needs, collecting the right information or getting meaniningful insights we can help. If you’d rather be able to keep your analytics in-house then we also deliver training workshops. See below for more information.

Summary of Services

Analytics Set Up
Insight Pieces

per4mance-insight-homeAnalytics Set Up

  • Measurement Plan workshop to determine your data needs
  • Detailed Implementation Plans based on the Measurement workshop
  • Migration from Classic Google Analytics to Universal Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager set up
  • Robust testing of all new analytics set up
  • Creation of dashboards and custom reports
  • Set up of Google Analytics Admin according to best practice
  • Presentation of everything that’s been implemented

Insight Pieces

  • Regular insight pieces tied back to business objectives and priorities
  • Detailed one off insights pieces to investigate specific issues, such as;
    • How marketing channels interrelate with each other
    • Performance of all and specific campaigns
    • Marketing Attribution
    • User behaviour
    • Contribution of onsite content to conversions
    • Funnel behaviour analysis
    • Conversion optimisation
    • Customer lifetime behaviour analysis

Google Analytics Training

Finding a solid, inexpensive training programme can be a tall task. At Per4mance Insight we want companies to feel at home with their data, as a result we provide in-house Google Analytics training to employees at all levels.

  • How to best set it up based on your business objectives so the right data is being included or excluded
  • Create dashboards and custom reports
  • Where to find the relevant data in the different reporting sections
  • How to use the different functionalities available and know when to apply them

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