Regular reports with actionable insights

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Actionable Insights

insightGood insights cover more than just findings and the reasons behind them, there should also be suggested next steps and expected impacts so you can quickly decide what actions to take and why. Therefore you can prioritise work, identifying the quickest wins with the biggest results.

You can get an accurate picture of how existing and potential customers are interacting with you what marketing is driving those different behaviours and also if you’re measuring everything correctly.

Periodically it’s also good to use analysis to review your analytics set-up and see if it needs revisiting as your objectives, technology and user behaviours evolve.

Examples of areas for analysis

  • Performance of your marketing, overall and specific campaigns
  • Data Driven Marketing Attribution
  • User behaviour
  • The contribution of your onsite content to conversions
  • Funnel behaviour analysis
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Profile of customer personas
  • Lifetime customer behaviour analysis
  • Provide regular reports with actionable insights

Children’s Heart Federation Insights Project

  • Delivered an assessment of how their Google Analytics was set up in terms of best practice
  • Identified the marketing campaigns and onsite user journeys that led to donations, along with suggestions on how to be able to segment that further by type of donation
  • Identified the marketing campaigns and onsite user journeys that led people to sign up for fundraising events and by the type of event
  • Provided detailed recommended next step suggestions

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