Past and present clients

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I’m very lucky that my work allows me to collaborate with a wide range of people across a variety of industry sectors, see some of my past and present clients below. I have worked with British Airways to help them understand the impact various digital projects have had on their customers’ behaviour and the performance of different sections of their website. More recently I’ve helped BaseTouch show the impact their videos have had on their clients’ online conversions and migrated DishNextDoor to Google Tag Manager.

Examples of Projects:
British Airways

  • Carried out A/B testing on their Manage My Booking section to determine if navigational changes increased or decreased upsells
  • Produced user journey analysis on customers’ behaviour during the booking and post booking journeys
  • Provided regular insights on members interactions with the News and Offers sections of the website by member type
  • Look to book analysis by airport and routes to determine changes in conversion

BaseTouch London
– Base Touch London make videos for clients to use on their websites

  • Liaised with Base Touch and their clients to get Google Analytics video tracking set up in Google Tag Manager
  • Conducted user journey analysis to identify what marketing drove video plays, types of video content being watched and for how long.
  • Determined what other onsite behaviours people who had watched the videos engaged in, such as other content looked at, goal completions, ecommerce conversion rate and average order value compared to site average.
  • Identified different video watching habits by device type

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