Per4mance Insight engages in partnership
approach with clients

emma-aboutPer4mance Insight works closely with clients to help them achieve their business goals through their use of data. Whether helping with the set up and less with the insights or vice versa, we lay out the framework for how businesses can make their data work for them.

To help make client relationships collaborative and authentic we cut out the jargon. Our aim is to make a business’s data accessible and relevant to everyone in the company, across all levels.

Per4mance Insight is founded on this no-nonsense, jargon-free culture and way of communicating. It’s the corner stone to our partnership approach with clients. Founder Emma Haslam believes in open and free flowing dialogue with all parties involved in making data driven decisions. With an extensive background in marketing, Emma knows first-hand how to leverage the commercial impact of data, rather than approaching it primarily from a technical perspective.

Per4mance Insight works with startups, SMEs, marketing and advertising agencies, and web development firms.


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“I think we need to stop seeing analytics from a platform perspective, such as shop, website, app etc. and see it from a user perspective instead. People don’t see themselves as interacting with individual pieces of technology. They’re interacting with brands and have high expectations of what that experience should be. Therefore, brands need to think that way too, especially as more and more technologies and ways to interact come into play.” ~Emma Haslam, Founder of Per4mance Insight.

Emma is Google Analytics IQ certified.