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Analytics Services

Per4mance Insight offers a range of analytics services from helping you understand your business’ data needs, setting it up, delivering detailed insight pieces and providing in-house training workshops

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emma-pic-homeData can be layered and complicated, but it doesn’t need to be scattered and overwhelming. That is where our expertise in data insights and measurement planning can help. Your customers are human but as a result of the onslaught of the data generated this can either be lost or misunderstood.  We find the customer and marketing stories and tie them back to your business objectives.

Getting a holistic picture of your customer can mean bringing together layers of data stored in different places. This is the specialty of Per4mance Insight. Per4mance Insight will analyse your data from sources across your business to deliver a complete picture of your customer base. You will know who they are and how they behave over the lifetime of their relationship with you.

We approach everything through our Data, Insights and Action methodology that is tailored to suit whole business’ needs, rather than individual areas.

Technology and customer behaviours are constantly changing therefore we advise revisiting business objectives, analytics set up and insights regularly. This ensures they are current so you’re getting the most relevant data at all times.

Take a look at our Services section to find out more about what we do, such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager set-up and training workshops. The Insights page shows our range of data insights pieces (including user behaviour analysis and conversion optimisation) available.